Mr John Hamilton 105 years Old, 28.04.2023.

Mr John Hamilton 105 years Old, 28.04.2023.

Sean and Keith were honoured to play for a man named Mr John Hamilton, 105 yrs old today. Incredible to meet a man of that age.

He was involved in the Normandy Landings during WW2 and there is evidence of him shooting down Stukas that were attacking the beaches. From what the staff there told us, he still lives in a self contained bungalow in the grounds of the Nursing home. John still does a bit of the gardening there. Apparently he was still driving himself around up until he was 100yrs old, but has given up now.

Mr Hamilton now uses a walker to get around, but still quite a fit man.

His friends and family from Britain and Europe had all gathered to wish him a very happy birthday. He seemed a very happy, alert  and content man, from Scottish roots who absolutely loved the pipes. After we had played for him, he made a point of shaking our hands and thanking us, he said he loved it. Mr John Hamilton, 105 yrs old on 28.04.2023.


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