26th May 2023

Corsham Schools Visit

Corsham Schools Visit Our Piper, Tony Beauchamp, was asked to visit Corsham Primary School as part of the School’s Coronation celebrations. Tony started by showing the children how a Bagpipe worked and which parts of the pipes made the drone sound, and the melody sound. Then he demonstrated the technique of breathing and playing of the pipes to an enthusiastic group of children. He then played some tunes to entertain them. A short drive through Corsham and he performed the same routine at a second school to another […]
13th May 2023

Funeral Of Colonel Carson, Royal Irish Rangers

Our Pipe Sergeant Sean Shanahan, was honoured to play in support of the Royal Irish Rangers Association, Warminster Branch, at the Funeral of Colonel Carson MBE BEM, Royal Ulster Rifles and Royal Irish Rangers. .
30th April 2023

Mr John Hamilton 105 years Old, 28.04.2023.

Sean and Keith were honoured to play for a man named Mr John Hamilton, 105 yrs old today. Incredible to meet a man of that age. He was involved in the Normandy Landings during WW2 and there is evidence of him shooting down Stukas that were attacking the beaches. From what the staff there told us, he still lives in a self contained bungalow in the grounds of the Nursing home. John still does a bit of the gardening there. Apparently he was still driving himself around up […]
3rd September 2017

Malmesbury Carnival 2017

Last night the Band took part in the Malmesbury Carnival. Nice little Carnival in a lovely looking Town. There were plenty of well deserved stops on the way and the weather was great . Nice to see a good sized Band considering the distance some members had to travel. Photos to follow in our Gallery soon.